Our Mission

At Harvest Church, we believe in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as stated by Him in Matthew 28:19-20.  To this end, we declare our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the Resurrected One.  We are committed to the doctrines and principals set forth in the Word of God and to the preservation of our faith through winning the lost, making disciples, and shaping the world in which we live.

Awesome church! People are welcoming! Pastor Dave rocks the house when he delivers the message!
— Michellita Swaney
Harvest Church is growing and I am glad to be a part of this ministry with a community purpose to change lives for Jesus Christ
— Vickie Garza

Our Core Values

We believe that Jesus left his disciples with two principals which are to be the core values of every follower of Christ:

  • The Greatest Commandment, to love God and love people... Matthew 22:37-40

  • The Great Commission, to make disciples of all men... Matthew 28:19-20

Thereby changing the world in which we live!


Our Vision

To be a Christ-centered church that stands committed to the cause of Christ as together, we:

  • Win the lost

  • Make disciples

  • Change the world in which we live

  • To celebrate the fellowship of the believers as we strive to live out Acts 2:42-47: